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Hour Of Despair Deluxe Edition

12 Falling

12 Falling

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After a chance meeting with a certified recording specialist and almost two years of fine tuning, Solitude Aeturnus guitarist Steve Moseley has resurrected the live album Hour Of Despair that was recorded in Warsaw, Poland back in 2007.

With the help of long time friend and Solitude Aeturnus alumni Kurt Joye, along with Tim Payne, Brian Turner and Will Skinner, the Hour Of Despair Deluxe Edition album features all new depth and definition, utilizing modern production capabilities to enhance the existing audio without adding any new recordings.

Mastered at Nomad Studio with Gary Long, Hour Of Despair Deluxe Edition features songs from every album by Solitude Aeturnus to date, providing the listener with a flagship sampler of heavy doom metal sounds that were originally recorded between 1991 and 2006.

Please know that purchasing this single direct from our store puts a majority of the money back into our hands, the creators and artists (instead of the streaming platforms), which will enable us to use those funds to produce another project in the future (instead of making the streaming platforms richer), so we thank you for supporting our efforts!

- Steve Moseley

Save $1.89 and get all twelve songs in our full-album purchase!

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1920x1080 Deluxe Edition Wallpaper (96.54 KB File)

4000x1000 Deluxe Edition Panoramic (124.42 KB File)


I walk in the sands of Eden
Where the blue pyramids sleep
I close the world behind me
For my future soul to keep

longer than I want to know them
Spawning dirges fill my veins
A ritual reaction
I drop the face and play the game
I growl at familiar strangers
The sands are needles there
The dust will crawl in anguish
Like the bones inside my lair

Move You fall And we die

Move into the circle
You fall on your knees
And we die here waiting
You fall on your knees

Won't somebody tell me why
Somebody please show me where
I lost that dream sensation
In this bitter midnight air
We melt inside of centuries
Awaiting new arrivals
Dressing in lost shadows
like costumes for the dying

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